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How to avoid mosquito bites while traveling!

June 5, 2017


I am sure you will agree with me if I tell you that the last thing you want to do on a trip is to be sick and miss out on good times and experiences because you have to keep the bed.




We are going to talk about mosquitoes in this post because they are responsible for the transmission of several diseases such as dengue fever, zika virus, malaria or chikungunya. To avoid spoiling our stay and putting our health at risk, there are several simple tricks to avoid mosquito bites and allow you to fully enjoy your trip.


Obviously, not all destinations in this world are all risky in terms of mosquito-borne disease. But, if your next adventure takes you to one of these areas, follow the tips below to avoid worries.


First, think about installing a physical barrier between you and the mosquitoes.


For example :


-Wearing long and loose clothing to avoid being stung.

-Wearing pale colors (these would attract less the mosquitoes!).

- Sleeping under a mosquito net (especially if you are in a malaria zone).

-On choosing a room with air conditioning or with tightly closed windows to prevent them from entering.



Then think of using an insect repellent to protect you where the skin is uncovered and where clothing can not serve as a barrier.


DEET and Icaridine are products available in Canada that are considered effective against bites and are readily available in all pharmacies and outdoor stores. Do not forget to read the manufacturer's instructions before using them, as they may vary depending on the age of the person who intends to use it.



Some types of mosquitoes are more active daytime (dengue, zika, chirungunya) while others are more active at night (malaria). So always keep your insect repellent at hand, as they can be present at any time, especially in wet areas or after rain.


For more details on how to protect yourself from traveling mosquitoes, see the article on this topic on the Vagabondeuse website.

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