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Travel Essentials: The Toothbrush

May 23, 2017

When it comes time to make our travel kit, we try every time to change our habits little by little in order to be even more eco-responsible in the products that we use and choose.

The toothbrush is probably one of the first thing that we pack without asking any questions. Oh the pleasure of brushing your teeth after a long 12 hour flight or between two layovers to get that clean feeling will dreaming about our first shower after more than 25 hours of transportation.



What we like less about toothbrushes is obviously their plastic handle. After doing some research, we came across a young Quebec company called OLA bamboo that make a toothbrush with a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle. When we know that there are over 4.9 billion plastic toothbrushes thrown away each year into our waterways and dumps, the idea of ​​having a biodegradable toothbrush handle became obvious to us. Interesting also to know, as the company says: "Bamboo is a rapidly growing renewable resource with natural antimicrobial properties. Also, important to note that the bamboo moso used in the manufacture of our toothbrushes is also consumed by the pandas. It grows naturally without adding chemicals and can grow 4 feet each day."

So we tried their products and we are very satisfied, flexible, not too hard on the gum and good grip when brushing! Definitive, we will stay with this product during our future purchases.



What are you waiting for to do something as simple as changing your toothbrush and at the same time have a significant impact on OUR planet?

Psss .. you can use your old toothbrush as a gardening label!




Visit www.olabamboo.com for more information.


P.s Our members have a 15% discount when buying online a kit of 4 toothbrushes :)

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