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The hidden Island...

April 3, 2017

I met Milene in 2008 during a trip to Peru. French of origin, she left her country to settle in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on Reunion Island. A text that makes us want to discover this "pebble", well hidden from the world!


"Reunion is well named : A meeting of peoples (Creoles, Metropolitans, Chinese, Zarab, etc ...), a meeting of cultures, religions, colors, traditions, all united without violence or judgment. All 2500 square kilometers of this beautiful cultural context is invaluable given the current global context we live in. Then, there is everything else: people, their kindness, music (maloya and sega are the traditional music), and a variety of breathtaking landscapes, all on a small pebble lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Almost all sports exist here (except those linked to snow): paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, rafting, climbing, surfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. You can in the same day be cold in the mountains (highest peak at 3070 m) and finish on the beach in a swimsuit watching mad sunsets! In short, I love my island! Even working every day, you have the feeling of being on a holiday so much life is serene here. "







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