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Philippines in a heartbeat

April 18, 2017

We met Josephine during our trip to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam last March. Originally from Manilla in the Philippines, Joey now lives in Singapore since 5 years. Today she shares with us the riches of her country and why it is so important for her to travel. Follow her on instagram if you love food and culture @Greenheart03

If you also dream of visiting the Philippines one day, this text will surely give you the urge to be there at the moment.




« One of the reasons why I travel is to recharge and when I feel like I need to hit the pause button. Traveling gives me a new sense of appreciation to things I normally will not notice when I'm at work. Exploring places for the first time, getting lost, feasting on new cuisines and meeting new people gives me a feeling that I'm alive and free. I'll be doing my first solo trip to Cambodia next month and I'm already looking forward to what's in store for me there.




People should travel to my country because "It's more fun in the Philippines". That’s what our tourism slogan is and I think we're living up to that expectation. You can take your pick from the 7,500 islands that we have to offer. Whether you're up for a trip back to memory lane and visit a few of the Hispanic towns left in the country (Vigan), or want to treat your palate with a taste of the best suckling pig/lechon in the world in Cebu; according to Anthony Bourdain the legend cook, in the mood to put your fancy pants on and want to party all night long (Boracay) and you just want to slow it down, appreciate the pristine beaches that the island has to offer (Palawan) etc.  we've got it all covered for you. Most importantly, the warmth & the vibe of the people would surely keep you coming back.


 I just gave you a few reasons why you should hop on the plane right now and experience it first-hand why my country is considered as a paradise here on earth ».





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