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Lebanon still not on you Bucklist ?

March 30, 2017

If one day you wondered if Lebanon could be a destination on your "bucketlist",  watch the video and read this text written by Hussein-Ali Fneiche, a dental student from the University of Montreal and from Lebanon, who speaks with pride of his country.




"The pride of Lebanon is 8000 years of known history. An area known for its fertility surrounded by desert. Proud to be Lebanese is to be proud to belong to a culture of its own that integrates different cultures of Europe, Asia and Africa. Below is a video that is representative of the geography of the country: mountains and forests of the north, southern plains, eastern fields and steppes, palm trees and warm climate of the west. So to go to Lebanon is to taste several cultures and atmospheres alongside certain disappeared ones that are represented by the Phoenician, Roman, Greek, Persian, Arab and Ottoman ruins! Proud to know that our folk dance, the dabke, comes directly from our Phoenician ancestors. Then, let's finish with Beirut which is modern, rich and cosmopolitan to the image of its welcoming and openness!”






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