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Small gestures go a long way

After traveling for almost a year, we realized that something had changed compared to our first travels. We noticed that several travelers, and yes backpackers, knew little about the country they were visiting, that the cultural exchanges with the inhabitant were kept to a minimum and that they were little concerned about the environment.


Our vision of travel is simple: Opening up to allow yourself to discover the world's diversity will give place to more spontaneity,  making memorable encounters and living rich experiences that will make us grow as individuals.


The idea of ​​investing ourselves in a project that encompasses our values ​​was evident to us. It was a morning like any other that Jonathan had the idea of ​​a community that travels differently. After this seed of an idea, everything grew quickly: bp for backpack, and culture because we have every intention of creating a cultural change. A better traveling culture based on principles and values; a beautiful culture that must be maintained.


With this community, we will promote a balanced way of traveling. Our goal is not to promote exclusive voluntarism or humanitarian travel, but rather to encourage and teach backpackers how with simple gestures and values, we can have tremendous positive impact on the communities and on the land we are traveling through. It is by taking measures as simple as using environmentally friendly products, serving breakfast in a local school, sharing a meal with the locals, introducing children to English and using "eco-friendly" accommodations, that we will make a difference.


Bpculture is a project that makes us proud and which, we hope, will help future Canadian backpackers promote sustainable traveling!


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do a lot" - Helen Keller.

Join the community to be part of bpculture and make a difference!