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Bpculture is a registered non-profit organization (NPO) based in Montreal, Canada, that encourages Canadian Backpackers to adopt a balanced way of combining travel, culture and environment.


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Who is bpculture ?

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  • Your are promoting responsible tourism: Above all, you are encouraging a healthy way to travel and helping develop sustainable travel.

  • You will have access to practical guides for members: We spent days compiling the best current travel practices; which range from best ecological and practical products to bring on your trip, how you can get involved while traveling ​​and the best ways to find eco-friendly accommodation.

  • You will benefit from winning partnerships : We are in the process of partnering to give back as much as possible to our members.

*Conditions apply; see rules in Become a Member page


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Jonathan Gagnon, CPA,CA

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Traveling entered my life later on. At the age of 25, after completing long years of study and entering the workforce, I found myself face first with the "real adult life". With the routine that settled in and a growing inner void, I took my backpack and went to discover myself. Bali, Thailand and Japan were for me the beginning of a great passion. This journey brought me not only pictures, memories and stories to tell, but also an inner richness, a deepening of self that is not found elsewhere. The idea behind creating the bpculture community is simple: to make traveling a richness that we and future generations will benefit from, we must above all respect and invest part of ourselves in the environment and the culture of our host country.

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Marie-Michelle Plouffe, Registered Nurse

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From as far as I remember, I always enjoyed discovering new things and had a taste for adventure. After some group trips, I decided, at age 19, to fly with my own wings and become a real "backpacker". I set out to conquer Western Canada, only to return home six months later, after also passing through the American West Coast, Costa Rica and Nicaragua with two of my friends. Since then, I've never stopped. Like everyone who leaves at least once, we become addicted to traveling and as they say, I got stung by the travel bug. Today, at the age of 30, I am much more focused on exchanging with the inhabitants, sharing cultures, openness to the world and being environmentally conscious. With this community, I want to share our culture, our "backpack culture", in hopes that it will give you the desire to ask more of yourself and to travel differently.

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